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Published: 25-08-2023

Quality of Life among family caregivers of advanced cancer patients attending the palliative care clinic at National Cancer Institute, Maharagama - Sri Lanka: an observational descriptive cross-sectional study

Department of Family Medicine University of Sri Jayewardenepura Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Homagama base hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka
National STD/AIDS Control Programme,Ministry of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Caregiver burden Advanced cancer Palliative care Caregiver Quality of life


Introduction: Caregivers of advanced cancer patients under palliation have many challenges. This is associated with a decline in their quality of life. Objectives: This study was conducted to determine the quality of life among family caregivers of advanced cancer patients attending the palliative care clinic of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Maharagama. Methods: A total of 266 caregivers of advanced cancer patients under palliation participated in the study conducted. Patient’s data and Socio demographic data were collected. The assessment of the quality of life was done using the World health organization quality of life shortened version WHOQOL-BREF. Results: Majority of patients in this study was between 61-70 years and were male, while most of caregivers were between 41-50 years and were female. The mean scores of the physical, psychological, environmental and social domains in the QOL were 74.8%, 63.53%, 62.67% and 56.67% respectively. The mean score of the total QOL was 64.43. The QOL in every domain was lower than 75% while they were greater than 50%. Conclusion: The quality of life of the family caregiver was most affected in the social domain, followed by the environmental, psychological and physical domain. Family caregiver quality of life should be assessed and this will be a positive step towards cooperating support towards caregivers.


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